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A corneal abrasion is a scratch on the cornea. Abrasions are very painful because there are many nerves that supply this part of the eye. With an abrasion, your eye is often watery, red and sensitive to light. Your eyelids may become swollen and your vision may be blurry.


There are several symptoms for corneal abrasion. These include:

  • Corneal erosion pain may start suddenly, often when you first wake in the morning.

  • Your eyes get dry while you sleep

  • your eyelid might stick to the cornea. If the epithelium is not firmly attached, opening your eyelids might peel the epithelium off.


The causes for corneal abrasion are as follows:

  • Something hitting or blowing into the eye, such as plant matter, sawdust, or ash

  • Foreign matter, such as dust, dirt or sand, getting stuck under your eyelid

  • Sports injuries

  • Improperly fitted or maintained contact lenses

  • Something poking you in the eye

  • Rubbing your eyes vigorously, especially if you feel something is caught in your eye

  • Certain eye conditions, including trachoma, a bacterial infection

Risk factors

You are more likely to have corneal erosion if you:


Following are some options.

  • moisturizing eye drops or ointment. This adds a soothing layer over the cornea.

  • prescribed antibiotic eye drops to prevent an eye infection.

  • special contact lens to reduce pain and speed healing.

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